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Liberator Irish Lager

A classic lager, pure and simple. Delivering the crisp, clean profile that you want from the style, we use the finest Irish lager malt delicately double hopped with Hallertau Perle. Refreshing to the core with light bitterness, this beer is inspired by the pioneering spirit of Daniel O’Connell, known as the Great Liberator.

Our Liberator Irish Lager is a tribute to pioneering spirits and glass-half-full hoptimists everywhere.

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Renegade Red Ale is our take on the classic Irish style. A trinity of malts and a trinity of hops result in a balanced ruby red beer with soft notes of caramel and roasted barley. The addition of wheat gives Renegade its silky-smooth body.

Taking inspiration from Countess Markievicz an Irish politician, Revolutionary, Nationalist, Suffragist and Philanthropist.

The Red Revolution is here…

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Patriot Pale Ale

Patriot Pale Ale has a deep amber colour and a full-bodied, complex character. The use of Cascade and Hallertau hops give this pale ale its fragrant aroma and spicy flavour. Our nod to Henry Grattan, the leader of the Irish Patriot Party. Known for his wit, eloquence, courage and most importantly his dedication to Ireland.

For patriots everywhere!

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Pioneer Pilsner

A limited-edition pilsner boasting layers of malt character with floral notes from the classic pilsner hops. Delivers the refreshing, crisp and delicate flavours expected from the style.

Our tribute to the independent brewers once prominent across the towns and counties of Ireland. With the growth of larger breweries in the 20th century, many of these small breweries disappeared.

We dedicate this beer to the brewing pioneers who paved the way for independents like us.


Our Irish Stout is a respectful take on Ireland's most well-loved style.A beer with gentle sweetness, subtle roast character and a touch of lingering hop flavour. With a velvety mouthfeel and a dry finish, it's an easy-drinking stout that entices you back for another sip.

This stout is a nod to the politician who fought for Irish independence

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